Central Division showdowns

We went into Cincinnati first and took two out of three from the Reds. We also had the same umpiring crew as we did when I had my fight with the outfield wall. I was glad to see those guys because I wanted to talk to them and make sure the call was right that night. I felt because I took three steps and then transferred the ball, that it was an out and I was right. The head ump clarified that because the ball was voluntarily transferred, it was an out. Just like a shortstop turning two. I was glad to know the effort wasn’t in vain and now anyone who was wondering, knows the truth.

Before we headed to Milwaukee, the All-Star selections were announced and I want to give props to Yadier, Albert and Franklin for making the team this year. It was the first for Yadier and Franklin and I’m sure it was extra special for all in front of the hometown crowd.

Chicago was the last stop before the break and it’s one of my favorites. Wrigley has great energy and it seems like there are just as many Cards fans as Cubs fans for our series.  We ended up splitting the series, two out of four, after a doubleheader Sunday and I couldn’t wait to get back home and enjoy some relaxation. We spent our time off at the lake and any time I can be on the water, I’m happy. The three days flew by and we’re back in town getting ready to take on the Diamondbacks. Hopefully everyone is recharged and ready for the second half.

Until next time…


Rick, I have to be honest with you. We love that you have a blog, but you are in a pretty big offensive struggle. Tell us what you are doing to try and break the slump. If you don’t, what’s the point of the blog. Everyone know’s how the Cardinals are doing, the replay 2 months ago clearly showed you lost the ball on the transition, and everyone guessed that you would congratulate the Cardinal All-Stars. To put it bluntly, tell us something we don’t know.

Redbird 524 is rude, and probably a cub fan!!! Hang in there Rick!!

Rick, even though I’m a Tribe fan, good luck in the second half. 🙂 Markie (Mark DeRosa) was traded to your team not long ago, & as you can see I got really attached to him. ( I still call him Markie ) It’s pathetic of me. Anyways, when he comes back to your line-up, I know you all will treat him well! – A sort of confused Tribe fan.


Yea Redbird is right about one thing…you are struggling, but EVERYONE struggles in life, if you didn’t you just aren’t human. You’ll eventually get out of this slump, good luck in the 2nd half, but thinking of like today… good luck against the D-Backs. And usually when you slump… you think too hard and make it worse, chill out and maybe it’ll break the cycle, not saying that’s you, but that’s most. It was also a shock, TIm Lincecum didn’t do that well in the All-Star Game, and neither did Pujols, Yadier and Franklin did great though, Yadier an RBI and Franklin a 1-2-3 inning… I can’t remember is they all struck out of not…It’d be great for the Cards to win the division, that’d be that 1st offseason as an outfielder correct? My mind is blank at the moment…
-Abby, a Cardinals fan for life

just now found out you have a blog. lol. all i gotta say is stay in st. louis rick! lol

in other words if you sign elsewhere after this year i’m going to be majorly disappointed! 😦 haha

It took you long enough to update your blog, gosh last time you wrote you where in NY..
I have to agree with some of these folks, TELL us something about how you feel, and what your going to do to adjust your hitting this 2nd half..We all know about the Allstar game..I personnely want to know what you feel and are going to do. IS YOUR shoulder still hurt ??? Lets be honest !! Do you think you should go down and do some rehab starts to get back on track ? Did you come back to fast ?? This is what I want to know !!!
Your a great Cardinal and I want to see you there next year assuming your agent will work a deal. We all know who he is !! So tell us about you !!!

One last thing Rick, you DONT have to hit HR”S, just get on base !!

I have been watching you and it really seems like your shoulder is still not 100%. Do you think you should go down and do some rehab starts, like you should have done before you came back, get your shoulder healthy and start hitting against some AAA pitchers. This is a contract year and even Scott B cant get you a good contract with the way your hitting at this time. It might take eating some pride, though you may come out of it a totally different hitter. One thing for sure, your not helping the team with the way your playing at this time. If ownership trades for another big bat, you position will be on the line, as well as Duncans. I have loved you as a Cardinal since you where a pitcher, however you need to put the team first and do whatever is needed to get you back on track ! I wish you the best at what ever you do..

We love you, Rick. So glad you share with us. Just remember, “Whom the gods love, they drive nuts”. Just go along quietly for awhile, not attracting their attention! ha.

Wow, you guys realize that ank doesnt need to blog. He does it to keep in touch with his fan base. I think h knows that he is slumping. Think about it, you are giving hitting advice to a major leaguer. He knows how to do it, he just has to find his rhythm. I say write about anything you want Ank.

Just read the articles about your MRI, Rick. Playing when you are in pain means you put the team ahead of yourself. We would rather see you healed, that was a devastating injury, I was afraid you had broken your neck. Hope you get the medical help you need, and suffer no more pain. Thank you, Rick. You are awesome!!!

I just wanted to say that you are a helluva ball player and an outstanding example of what it means to be a Cardinal. It’s a privilege to have witnessed the things you have accomplished. Thankyou for doing this blog. Now go shut all these whiners up and tear up the second half!

just wanted to wish you a very happy 30th, rick, albeit belated. i was in phoenix in 2000 when you turned 21 and enjoyed drinks at the ritz carleton with you and jim edmonds. seems like an eternity ago. anyway, hang in there, get that shoulder healthy and watch out for those walls, dude 😉 cya in SD next month!

It really shows your commitment to the fans having this blog. Connecting yourself to the fans (especially durring offensive struggles) is admirable. All the fans have their “expert” tips and suggestions for you! LOL and REDBIRD254 is an embarasement to real Cards fans. Of course hopefully after hitting the ball with authority last night in Houston your ready to tear up the second half. No matter how your stats are, I along with most real Cards fans are always on your side. You embody cardinal baseball (playing hard defense, perfect fundamentals, always 2 hands) and your an amazing athlete. Skip called you the best athlete he has ever seen and I believe him. Maybe Colby does get to more balls in the gaps but you make the plays that people remember not to mention the strongest arm in all of baseball. ohh Colorado those two throws were more exciting to see than a grandslam!!!! I hope you know how hard us true Cards fans cheer and pull for you and we know you will find your swing but even without it we’ll take your defense any day of the week! Thanks for the memories and thanks for your commitment to the fans……….!


I have been following your career along with the rest of our beloved Cardinals for many, many years. I just want you to know that we are pulling for you and especially the Team to get on a hot streak. Our pitching has been superb, except for maybe tonight.

I would like to tell you what I see regarding your hitting. I want to clarify the fact that I was a Pitcher in High School a long time ago and my hitting was pathetic. So I am not trying to imply that I could teach anything about hitting.
What I see is you hit a lot of ground balls to second base and also first base. You seem too anxious, because you hardly ever receive a Base on Balls. Are you trying to pull everything ?? Have you reviewed film from last year?? You probably know all of this and are addressing it. I just want you to do well, Rick. You are in the Major Leagues for a reason. I know that you and the team will start to click offensively very soon. Hang in there, Rick. This old Cardinal Fan from Corinth, MS is really pulling hard for you. You can count on it.

I hope your shoulder gets better soon.

rick,your a GREAT plater and i wanna see you back next year and if you do leave i’ll be a fan 2 who evers team you go to….:]your awesome and every time i see you play its so fun 2 watch just 4 get bout everything people say and play the sport like you know how 2 play…go get m and thanks for everything you do your my fav player
EVER haha go cards!!!!!

rick,your a GREAT plater and i wanna see you back next year and if you do leave i’ll be a fan 2 who evers team you go to….:]your awesome and every time i see you play its so fun 2 watch just 4 get bout everything people say and play the sport like you know how 2 play…go get m and thanks for everything you do your my fav player
EVER haha go cards!!!!!

I have watched you at bat. When your head is down and on the ball, you make good contact. (And I see you getting better)
When your head is up, you pop-up, especially on low pitches.
Hang in there.

Hi Rick,

Big fan of your game. Anyone who can turn around their career like you have from pitcher to outfielder has not only enormous talent but tremendous perseverence.

I am an app developer for the IPhone and I am coming out with a game called BEAT THE COOLER http://www.beatthecooler.com in 7-10 days. It is a tongue-in-cheek game where the fans get to beat the cooler just like the pros do…if they’re having a bad day. It’s addictive, fun, and very 3-D graphic, cutting edge cool.

I’ve included the promo video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gb5TjCdiFr0

If you dig it, I’d like to send you a free copy of the game when it becomes available for distribution to the public, if you have an IPhone or IPod Touch.


Jeremy Bargiel

Hi Rick,

You were in a real good groove when you came into play the Marlins in Florida. I know you can get back and find that same place at the plate.

I have you on my DYNASTY League Baseball team and your A Power vs. RH has already produced some big HR.

I’m the designer of both the DYNASTY League Baseball and Pursue the Pennant Baseball simulation games (I’ve played with Palm Beach Cardinals Pitching coach “El Presidente” Dennis Martinez) which is celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary this year.

I live right near Roger Dean Stadium and hopefully Dennis and I can get together soon for part 2 of my MLB blog:


We’d love to have you join us when you get back to Jupiter!
– Mike Cieslinski

Rick, where’s your post, buddy? I was so happy to see you have a good night tonight – against a lefty, especially. Keep up the good work, and I hope you continue your upward trend. We are all pulling for you –

Rick, its great to see you on the upswing, now start updating your blog !! What do you think about Holiday and lugo in the line up ? is hitting contagious ?


Personally I think you’re incredible. Lately you’ve been on the upswing and I think with the new additions to the team your confidence is only going to build and everybody will see what I’ve said all along… you are one of the greats on the team!! Keep the blogs coming!


You have come out of your slump, all you’ve got to do now is show the fans what you can do, like in philly against descent pitching. All you have to do is have confidence! That you can hit and do it.

Hey Rick and the rest of the team. I just want you to know that I still believe in you all. The game last night was great! Take to heart that the team did not give up and hand the game to the Dodgers. The team made them fight for the win. That to me is a great game. You all have made me PROUD to be a Cardinal fan. You have 1 game down and have had time to settle yourselves. Now go out there today play just as hard if not harder than yesterday. Dig in and go for the WIN! Thank you for a great season. I know the playoffs will be great as well. Oh tell the other team to stop being Sissy’s and let Albert hit the ball. They forget we have more homerun hitters as well. What are they going to do WALK the whole team. LOL! Enjoy the playoffs. 🙂

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