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New York State of Mind

We headed to New York City to face the Mets for the first time at Citi Field, and the new stadium did not disappoint. Although I am partial to Busch Stadium, Citi Field was among the top stadiums I’ve played in. The outfield is big and there is a section in right field where the fans are at field level, which I thought would be a cool vantage point to watch the game from. The clubhouse was much improved from old Shea and it was great to be able to take the 7 train from the city right to the stadium.

The series didn’t go how we would have liked it to, and I can’t say that I was much help. Especially knowing that a few of their top players were out of the lineup, you want to take advantage of those situations.  I was very frustrated with most of my at-bats but it was nice to double off Johan Santana, who I consider to be one of the best.

Now we’re playing the Twins. The last time (other than in Spring Training) I played them is when I pitched against them in 2000. They have some pretty big bats, but our rotation is solid so it will be fun to see how the series turns out.

Till next time…