October 2009

Poppin’ champagne

It never gets old. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to celebrate a few times now and it gets better each time. This has been a tough season for me personally, but it makes it much easier to deal with when you’re playing on a winning team. I’ve got great teammates and great friends.

I was pretty sure we would clinch on the road, so my wife, Lory made sure to come along. It didn’t happen in Houston, which worked out perfectly for me because my mom made plans to come visit during the Colorado series. Colorado has a great lineup and great pitching so they didn’t make it easy for us to win, but we did it. It was awesome for my mom and Lory to be there to join in the celebration.

The clubhouse was crazy. Everyone was spraying everyone with champagne and beer.  Pujols likes to sneak up on people and dump coolers of ice cold water, which is really funny as long as it isn’t you. He got Tony pretty good. Jeff Murphy, our bullpen catcher, came up behind me and held me so Mark DeRosa and others could douse me with beer. The Denver Post got a great shot of it. I will be sure to save that one. 

Music was pumping and all the the wives that came on the trip got to come down and enjoy the fun — or maybe I should say, observe the fun, because they stayed off to the side so they wouldn’t get soaked. They got some great pictures though. I started that night, so being on the field as we got the third out was very cool.

On Monday we will be heading out to take on the Dodgers. Here’s to coming back to St Louis and popping some more champagne.

Till next time…