August 2009


I think sometimes dealing with the media can be tricky. The biggest thing sometimes is you have to be careful with who you can trust and who you can’t. sometimes it feels like you’re caught in the middle, trying not to say the wrong thing where they can take it out of context and use it in a way that you didn’t mean. It’s always tough. You never know who’s trying to get what angle. You see it every day, where some of these quotes can be taken out of context. You just have to be careful with what words you choose and how you choose to use them.

If it’s somebody you don’t know, you have to be especially careful. With people you do see every day, I think they’re a little bit more understanding of who you are and what you’re trying to say, what message you’re trying to get out there. if you don’t know somebody, sometimes people don’t know how to take other people. You don’t know if it’s sarcasm or seriousness or what.

But I think it’s still part of the job. It’s just part of it. Sometimes it can be fun. This blog is kind of cool because I can say whatever I want. But I view interviews as part of the job.

When you’re coming up, Major League Baseball takes all the rookies and you get a lesson on interviews. And then Scott Boras and the guys at his company, they give you a warning. And Cardinals people as well. As soon as you sign and throughout your way up, you kind of learn what you should and shouldn’t do and say.

Sometimes I enjoy it. When you do well, it’s fun to talk about it. But I do think sometimes people in the media make too much out of whether we talk or not after a game. I think there is a certain responsibility, but who’s to say who has the responsibility after a game? Who gets to decide that?

I think I can be tough with the media sometimes. But that comes from my personal experiences and what I went through. The way that it was handled. You get a bitter taste in your mouth, and sometimes it’s hard to forget that.

I usually don’t read the paper. If it’s our game, I was there. I saw it. SportsCenter too. If it’s on, maybe I watch it, but I usually don’t.

Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

Remember that Limp Bizkit song? That’s what I think about when I think  about this team. We just keep rollin’.  With the additions of Lugo and Holliday, we have really gained some much needed momentum.  Holliday has been on fire. They say sometimes you just need a change of scenery and apparently it was true with him.  He is a great teammate but I already knew that. We played together on the 1997 Junior USA Team in Canada.

After my 0-for-3 with a walk on Sunday, the mustache had to go. It was working there for a while, but I guess it ran its course. August is here and with our division being so tight, every game counts from here on out.  This past series with the Astros had a playoff feel. It’s exciting. If we can keep our bats hot and our starting pitching stays on course, this will be a fun ride.

Don’t forget about my charity wine benefiting Stray Rescue St Louis ( Randy Grim, the director of Stray Rescue, just launched his latest book “Don’t Dump the Dog,” and my wife and I attended the VIP Party.  We got to meet the staff from Best Friends Animal Society and the show Dog Town on the National Geographic Channel. They are great people doing great things for animals in need. It’s a great wine for a great charity.

Until next time….