Poppin’ champagne

It never gets old. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to celebrate a few times now and it gets better each time. This has been a tough season for me personally, but it makes it much easier to deal with when you’re playing on a winning team. I’ve got great teammates and great friends.

I was pretty sure we would clinch on the road, so my wife, Lory made sure to come along. It didn’t happen in Houston, which worked out perfectly for me because my mom made plans to come visit during the Colorado series. Colorado has a great lineup and great pitching so they didn’t make it easy for us to win, but we did it. It was awesome for my mom and Lory to be there to join in the celebration.

The clubhouse was crazy. Everyone was spraying everyone with champagne and beer.  Pujols likes to sneak up on people and dump coolers of ice cold water, which is really funny as long as it isn’t you. He got Tony pretty good. Jeff Murphy, our bullpen catcher, came up behind me and held me so Mark DeRosa and others could douse me with beer. The Denver Post got a great shot of it. I will be sure to save that one. 

Music was pumping and all the the wives that came on the trip got to come down and enjoy the fun — or maybe I should say, observe the fun, because they stayed off to the side so they wouldn’t get soaked. They got some great pictures though. I started that night, so being on the field as we got the third out was very cool.

On Monday we will be heading out to take on the Dodgers. Here’s to coming back to St Louis and popping some more champagne.

Till next time…


Hey Rick,
Congrats on getting to the post season again! We know it’s been a tough season for ya, but that doesnt matter now. Ya’ll are in the playoffs and everyone is starting from scratch again. I have a great feeling that you and the rest of the team will lock in and remind the world what Cardinals Baseball is all about.

Thanks for doing this blog, we all really do appreciate you taking the time to connect with us fans. Now go get em’!

Rick, Good luck in the post season although you’re year wasn’t as great, you can always make up for it by doing something special to win the series.

Hey Rick,
Congrats on getting to the playoffs and glad you’ve recovered from a difficult year with the injuries. I’m predicting you’ll have an outstanding post season as you’ve always been one of my favorite Redbirds. If possible, I would love to do a phone interview for my Cardinals podcast. If you have 15 minutes, just tell me when and I’ll give you the number. I’ll post it on my podcast. Look forward to hearing from you. You can email me at redbirdpodcast@gmail.com.

Congrats, and good luck in the playoffs.

Rick, I love you as a player and I respect your hard effort in the outfield, but I really think you need to stop listening to Hal McCrae. He is a horrible hitting coach and hes sending you down the wrong path. You have tremendous athletic ability so you should use it . For one game instead of trying to kill every pitch, try and hit the ball to left. You’ll probably ignore this post but I think it would help you. Best of luck to you !!!!

Hey Rick and the rest of the team. I just want you to know that I still believe in you all. The game last night was great! Take to heart that the team did not give up and hand the game to the Dodgers. The team made them fight for the win. That to me is a great game. You all have made me PROUD to be a Cardinal fan. You have 1 game down and have had time to settle yourselves. Now go out there today play just as hard if not harder than yesterday. Dig in and go for the WIN! Thank you for a great season. I know the playoffs will be great as well. Oh tell the other team to stop being Sissy’s and let Albert hit the ball. They forget we have more homerun hitters as well. What are they going to do WALK the whole team. LOL! Enjoy the playoffs. 🙂

I havent read your blog lately. On the news I saw TLR get douced with the cooler of ice cold water when you guys clinched the division. That was funny, LOL! Poor Tony!

I wish you luck tonite on game 2 of the playoffs. You guys can do it! Just stay focused!


Good luck in game 3 hope you in starting lineup, you always come to the front when its on the line lets get 2 then bring back Ozzie for game 5 (go crazy go crazy) we are all bleeding red

Good luck in the post season and hope to see not as many strikeouts as usual, but your defense has been great.

Hey Rick,

Congrats on a great season and making it to the Playoffs. I know you had a rough season with your injuries and glad you have recovered. I have to say when you hit the wall this season you had all of St. Louis pulling for you. You have a lot of Fans here and we all hope to see you back next season when you can takes St. Louis all the way. You may not be from St. Louis but you are St. Louis Family now. Looking forward to seeing you back in Red next season here in St. Louis.

Ank, I hope you read this. Just read LaRussa’s response to telling you to find the best deal. I hope you know how many true Card’s fans you have here. We all still believe in you. How are you supposed to get your swing back if you don’t play? I still hope you stay by some miracle, but if you don’t, I’ll be watching you when you come here (stay in National League!) and rooting for you all the way! I have to stop having favorite players. They always leave! You are a great young man and it has been great watching your story. The story goes with you wherever you are so stay strong! Good luck to you and your family. True Card’s fans will always think of you as a Cardinal! You can always come back, too!


As a lifetime, die-hard Cardinals fan (now living in Los Angeles, ugh) I certainly wish you the best in your off-season. While I hope you get an offer that is wonderful for yourself and your family, selfishly, I hope to see you back in the Cardinal dugout for about 175 games next season…(that oughta get you through all the post season series) Regardless of where you have been in the field throughout your career, it’s a joy to see how much you love the game. I always tell the California kids I coach to watch you, because the passion, drive, desire and courage is always evident!

Richard Alexander-PLEASE. . .PLEASE. . . PLEASE. . .
I’m on my knees. I have my Ankiel wine in one hand and my Rick Ankiel lunchbox in the other. My Rick Ankiel doll in my front pocket. Please come back next year. Please. The media portrays someone else as St Louis’ favorite ballplayer. Sweetheart, we have all poured out blood, sweat and tears right along with you time and again. We have seen your ups and downs. Your triumphs and tragedies. YOU, number 24 are the hometown hero in Saint Louis.

Nurse Deb

Hey, Rick

Several years ago, my wife and I attended a Cards minor league game in Prince William County, VA. We sat down the first base line a couple of rows back. You were on the mound that day and I gained a new appreciation for anyone who could even see, much less put wood on a ball you threw from 60 feet, 1 inch away. Astonishing, mostly what I perceived of your pitches was the pop of the catcher’s mitt.

Even before that time, but especially since, I have followed your career. I hope you will continue playing with the Cardinals. You’ve earned a lot of respect.

Take care
Steve Davis
Annandale, VA


Good luck in KC! Thanks for everything you did for the Cardinals and the city. You are an inspiration.



Good Luck with the Royals Rick. Thanks for everything you have done and given to the Cardinals. I’m sorry to see you go, as you are still one my favourite players. Take care and thanks again.
Gordon, Cardinals fan from England.

Good luck in KC Rick!!!! You’ll always be a fan favorite in St. Louis! It’s too bad KC doesn’t play in St. Louis this year, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing you again. . . . for one more standing ovation!

I’ve been a cards fan for 30 years or more. Never pulled for anyone more that you. I guess I’ll watch alittle K.C. now just to keep any eye on you. Thanks for everything. Really going to miss you in Cardinal red and white. So, go kick the crap out of the A.L.

Francisco, IN

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