I think sometimes dealing with the media can be tricky. The biggest thing sometimes is you have to be careful with who you can trust and who you can’t. sometimes it feels like you’re caught in the middle, trying not to say the wrong thing where they can take it out of context and use it in a way that you didn’t mean. It’s always tough. You never know who’s trying to get what angle. You see it every day, where some of these quotes can be taken out of context. You just have to be careful with what words you choose and how you choose to use them.

If it’s somebody you don’t know, you have to be especially careful. With people you do see every day, I think they’re a little bit more understanding of who you are and what you’re trying to say, what message you’re trying to get out there. if you don’t know somebody, sometimes people don’t know how to take other people. You don’t know if it’s sarcasm or seriousness or what.

But I think it’s still part of the job. It’s just part of it. Sometimes it can be fun. This blog is kind of cool because I can say whatever I want. But I view interviews as part of the job.

When you’re coming up, Major League Baseball takes all the rookies and you get a lesson on interviews. And then Scott Boras and the guys at his company, they give you a warning. And Cardinals people as well. As soon as you sign and throughout your way up, you kind of learn what you should and shouldn’t do and say.

Sometimes I enjoy it. When you do well, it’s fun to talk about it. But I do think sometimes people in the media make too much out of whether we talk or not after a game. I think there is a certain responsibility, but who’s to say who has the responsibility after a game? Who gets to decide that?

I think I can be tough with the media sometimes. But that comes from my personal experiences and what I went through. The way that it was handled. You get a bitter taste in your mouth, and sometimes it’s hard to forget that.

I usually don’t read the paper. If it’s our game, I was there. I saw it. SportsCenter too. If it’s on, maybe I watch it, but I usually don’t.


hey rick,
glad to see you muscle up on that knuckle ball tonight to give the Cards the lead, I know its tough on you not playing every day but your still one of my fav players.. I even sent you a letter with a baseball card to sign to Busch stadium.. hope you get it.. and good luck love to see you in the line up!!

matthew krakowski

Nice poke Rick! Thanks for bring home another W!

Nice HR, Rick. Yea, if I were you, I’d freak at like interviews and stuff, because when I’m nervous, everything just comes out wrong, but I’d probably get used to it if I did it everyday… Best of luck against Billingsley today.

You sure said the truth about giving interviews and talking to the media. You just dont know. And to be honest, you cant always trust those that you know. They may have a different agenda or angel they are after. I work in the media so I know EXACTLY what you are saying. You have to be so careful on how you choose your words, and the way you express them.
However after the longball you jacked over the wall last night, there is NO WAY you getting away without talking to the press..ha ha….Managment and Boras’s team can give you all the media training they want, it wont help if a reporter is digging for something, they will always find a way to take your words and turn them to fit there story. AND that approach I find irresponsible, and hate working with people like that.
You live and learn. have a great series out on the west coast.

Rick, please know that you are our favorite. And take John the Wayne’s advice : “Don’t let the ******** get you down.” If they had your ability, they would be in the big leagues, not pushing a pencil.

My kid wears #24 now. Maybe because once I told him his swing was like yours, but I think it’s mostly just he digs the way you play. We’ve got great seats all weekend and he’s stoked to see you out here in San Diego. I’m sure he’ll be down there for batting practice decked out in his Cardinal jersey and lid. Thanks for playing the game the right way and showing my kid how he should carry himself.

On topic — Those writer dudes got a job to do too. Mouths to feed etc. If it gets too rough I’ll trade places with you for a while if you want.

Rick, thanks for explaining the advice you have been given about doing interviews. I am always amazed at the awesome job most of the players do with handling interviews in a diplomatic manner. As a writer who has done many interviews, I know reporters are always looking for a unique statement to use as the lead for a story.

The team is looking great–am sorry that Chris is gone and hope he will find his way with another big league team. (We attended a manager’s bbq during spring training in Jupiter last March, and you and Chris were signing that day. Thank you!) We watch all the Cardinal games in Virginia on Direct TV and are thrilled with the recent come-from-behind victories. Congratulations on your home run win Monday night.


As a lifetime Cardinal fan and someone who has watched your career, I have to say I love the way you play the game.
Though I am a Cardinal fan first, I’m currently living in Seattle and am a Mariner fan second. If there are too many outfielders in St. Louis this coming year you should consider Seattle. This team is starved for offensive production, and you’d fit nicely in the mix. Seattle is a great city. We’d love to have you here. Dial up Jack Z. if you are looking for a new home in the offseason.

Rick, I was reading in the Post Dispatch today that someone calls Albert Pujols by a name he does not like. Could you please tell Albert and Yadier that my very respectful name for both of them is “El Gran Senor”. From where I sit, here in the
cat bird seat, they are both great.

Thank you,

Sandy Smith

Interesting stuff about interviews, Rick. I had always wondered if players got some interviewing lessons. To be honest, a lot of times you all sound the same and seem to have these standard, stock answers, so I had wondered if the team coached you on it.

I would like to ask you, how do you like having Scott Boras as your agent and do you ever find it to be a disadvantage? If I were in your place, I’m not sure I would like having him for an agent since he has such a bad reputation with the fans and the media and a lot of GMs don’t like to deal with him. Yes, he’s tough and gets big paydays for SOME of his clients, but he engages in a lot of gamesmanship that sometimes hurts his clients. He sure did a poor job for Kyle Lohse 2 years ago. Obviously, you must like him since you chose him to be your agent, but I’m curious as to why.

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