New York State of Mind

We headed to New York City to face the Mets for the first time at Citi Field, and the new stadium did not disappoint. Although I am partial to Busch Stadium, Citi Field was among the top stadiums I’ve played in. The outfield is big and there is a section in right field where the fans are at field level, which I thought would be a cool vantage point to watch the game from. The clubhouse was much improved from old Shea and it was great to be able to take the 7 train from the city right to the stadium.

The series didn’t go how we would have liked it to, and I can’t say that I was much help. Especially knowing that a few of their top players were out of the lineup, you want to take advantage of those situations.  I was very frustrated with most of my at-bats but it was nice to double off Johan Santana, who I consider to be one of the best.

Now we’re playing the Twins. The last time (other than in Spring Training) I played them is when I pitched against them in 2000. They have some pretty big bats, but our rotation is solid so it will be fun to see how the series turns out.

Till next time…


It’s really interesting to see what you guys over in St. Louis are doing this season, tied for the NL Central lead with the Brewers and all. You’ve been a real surprise in the MLB this season.

-EJ the Kid From New York

I love reading your blogs. I was actually at the first two games against the Twins this weekend and it was amazing to see the Cards again… I just moved to MO (but have ALWAYS been a Cards fan) and can’t wait for all the games to come! I know you will do great!!

Good luck with the season and hopefully we can get to the playoffs! WHOO WHOO! GO CARDS!


Keep your head up – work on your strike zone. Gotta lay off the high fastballs. Stop trying to hit home runs – just get on base. You have all the talent in the world, now put it to use!

I really have enjoyed watching you all play baseball this season. The team is totally amazing and I’m not surprised with the amount ouf success the Cardinals have had this year! Everyone on the team has ups and downs but nothing seems to hold the team down for too long! Can’t wait to see how the second half of the season plays out! Go Cardinals!!! Thanks for the blogs #24!

Oh and that play at the plate Friday against the Twins…..well that was phenomenal! Thats just one reason your such an amazing player!

Rick you are by far one of my favorite players from the days of your great young pitching days to your loss of command to now as a great hitter with a cannon for an arm, I’ve followed you through it all. You have all the tools in the world but it seems like your swing has become more uppercut like, which I think is why your missing so many balls that you handled last year. Try to level out your swing and hit the line drives, you have the power that some will go out of the park but we need your great bat to get your good speed on base, you don’t NEED to be a home run hitter leave that to Pujols, yours will come just cuz your a good hitter, stop trying to hit homers and just be the solid hitter we all know you are. Good Luck the rest of the year #24!

rick,you are my favorite player of all time…my name is brooke im 13 years old and im a huge cards fan ive went 2 a game every summer 4 as long as i can remember its amazing 2 watch you play, i was at the game june 5th against colorado and it didnt turn out like i wanted it 2 but it was still a blast, hopefully i will be going 2 another game september 11th…i love baseball and watching you makes it better 4 me, your story is so amazing…its so cool having a team in missouri i live about 4 hors away in south missouri but its such an honor 2 have a greay team 2 watch i love the cardinals and all the players…just wish i could meet you all baseball is pretty much my life i have everything cardinals…just look at my room ;] keep on playing 2 your best, i’ll be cheering you on…go cards…sincerely, ankluvr24 ;]


You are truly awesome… It’s one thing if you just came to the majors and have everything coming for you. I think though your story is better, coming up as a starting pitcher, then struggling going down and become a power hitter and and outfilder (with a great arm) is great. Good luck with the Giants, you get them!


Ps ( you got to get an edit option on this thing)

That throw to home the other day from LF was brilliant!

I can’t wait to go see Citi Field soon. It looks like a great stadium.

Hit the ball to the opposite field. You do so much better
when you do that.
Forget trying to pull the ball. The weak ground balls to
first and second are no good.
You’ll find your way if you go to the left side of the field.
Once you start going to the left, they’ll start coming inside and then maybe you can jerk one out to the right side.

I love reading your Blog, a different insight to the team and your life. I grew up in St. Louis watching the great players of the late 60’s and 70’s. I moved to NY in 79 and to this day I am still an avid cardinal fan. I follow you and the team on MLB.COM TV. I have to tell you though. The first Cardinal game I have been to in years was on June 24th when Thompson pitched. My son got us two tickets just behind the Met’s dugout so I could see the Cardinals. Though the game was a blow out, I stayed till the end. Yes the series did not go the way you and the team would have liked, But it was special for me to see you all LIVE for a change.
its funny you mention taking the 7 train from the city. I only wish I would have been on the train, to see some of you. Because of the rain there was no BP, so I got a chance to talk to Motte and he mentioned the same thing, taking the 7 train back to the city.
I understand this is your Blog, though I have to mention, that it is your contract year, and I truly hope to see you in a Cardinal uniform next season. You are a true Cardinal thru and thru. Keep up your Blog. Have a great series against the Reds…

Rick, I hate to say it, but I don’t see you as a player here next year. Your plate discipline is nowhere to be found, you never see a high fastball you don’t like, and pitchers just about know they can get you out throwing nothing, but high hard ones and low off-speed stuff. Most don’t even have to throw strikes. I don’t know who has been tutoring your hitting, but your approach, and perhaps more, need a major overhaul.

Please, go ask Albert! It’s time to put the pride aside and admit you need help!

I’ll say it once again Rick. GO ASK Albert! You are ranked about #175 in hitting in baseball right now. Close to #90 in the NL! SOMETHING has to be done or you can kiss this team goodbye! I WANT you to stay here, but we need you to hit!

Rick, hey man, I know you’ve hit a slump here lately and everyone’s pointing that out to you, but, you’re a great player. You and Skip are tied for my favorite players and there’s a reason for that…you all are only human, you make mistakes, you get down in a slump, but that doesn’t take away from what all you’ve done in the past. I’ve been a Redbird fan ever since I can remember and I couldn’t picture today’s team without you. You’ll get back up there, we’re all pulling for you. When you hit that wall earlier in the season, I started pacing the floor worried about you and checked the news every day to get some kind of update on your condition to see if you were ok. It was then that I realized that The Redbird Nation isn’t just players and fans…we’re family. We’re pulling for you Rick, hang in there buddy, we believe in you! You should hound some of the other guys to start a blog as you have, it’d be awesome to be able to hear from Albert, Yadier, Skip, and all the other guys. Thanks for the time to blog, I’ll be keeping updated. Best wishes to all of you!

Rick, I really enjoyed watching you playing this season. Thanks.


So, I just discovered Ank has a blog. Nice stuff. I’m shocked at the number of people giving advice on the swing though. Haha. Well here’s hoping that “slump” of yours doesn’t last much longer. The team seems to be on an up swing lately, and it would be rather enjoyable to see you pick up some RBIs with the rest of the guys. Home runs are fun, so are games with 15+ singles. 🙂

I think the team is done with you. You are an above average fielder with a great arm but your bat is worse then most pitchers. I know you are a fan favorite, but lets be serious here. Unless a pitcher completely hangs a curve to you, you are an automatic out. Runner on third with one out, you will strike out. You fail to do the basic on offense. It is almost impossible to find a reason to keep you when you are nose diving to Mendoza. You were a pitcher, you should have some insight into a curve ball in the dirt. For the love of god, dont swing. 4 bad ks in a game are tough to do……

have to agree with 5holes, you are quickly laying the groundwork for your departure from st louis. i’m a carpenter and won’t even try to preach to you about the mechanics of hitting, but as a craftsman i can preach to you about effort. nothing less than my best effort is acceptable and for that i earn about 60K per year. i feel completely justified in holding you to that same, if not higher, standard. no one making the kind of money you make is entitled to stand up at the plate and watch the strikes go by without moving the bat. self-pity is not very attractive for a 3+ million dollar player

“there must be some kind of way outta here”? Negative energy, dude. I asked my buddy, John Ulitt to change your at bat song, but he won’t do it without your permission. My suggestion-Rock Candy by Sammy Hagar. Cause you are ‘Hot, Sweet and Sticky’, Ricky! OK, so if I can crawl around your head for a moment-at the plate DON’T expand YOUR strike zone. Don’t chase low and away. That’s a bat in your hands not a golf club. Keep a good eye. Let ’em walk you pal. A man on base is a man on base. A walk or a hit doesn’t matter. I know you are capable of swinging for the fences, but only when the pitch is in YOUR zone. Patience and Confidence buddy.

Nurse Deb

You’re a much better player than you’ve been recently, what’s going on? I’d like you to stay with the Redbirds but there’s a lot of talk in the comments after games that others want you to be traded somewhere else. I know all players go through slumps, but we need you to get yourself together, especially here in the second half coming up. I’m sure you know that these armchair managers know squat, so just do what you feel needs to be done. Let’s go Redbirds!

Your one of my fav. players but the time to get it right is now. You got Chris Duncan playing over you that in it’s own right should motivate you. Stop worrying about things that you can’t control such as, your next contract, what people are saying, any boos that you get from the crowd, they pay good money to see you play if you or anyone else doesn’t get it done in times when you have to such as bases loaded and swinging at ridiculous pitches then you deserve what you get. Your a much better player then what your showing right now, stop trying to hit home runs hit line drives and home runs will come. Go watch film, sit with Pujols do whatever you need to do to get on the field and succeed, because again your cannon arm, good speed, and quick bat are sitting on the bench while Chris Freakin Duncan plays in your place, and your next contract is guaranteed to be much less then what your making this year….Let’s go #24 Get it going!!

Hey Rick-

This is my first comment on on any blog or article on the internet and I’m glad that I’ve chosen your blog. I love how people think they have the right to tell you what you should do with your swing or anything like that. I mean come on, Rick, you made it to the Majors and for the Cardinals no less. Every little boys dream that plays baseball. I may only be 19 and may not know that much, but you do and that knowledge got you to the Show; So I wish people would get off your back about everything this year. Another thing, when I play baseball, I try to model myself on hustling after everything. Like you do, you always put your best effort out on the field, especially when you ran into the wall earlier this year, thank god your ok, but that was an amazing catch, probably one of the best of all time. But to get to the point Rick, I model myself to be like you out on the field, always hustle and play to have fun!


P.S. I know that you had some knee troubles while you were in the minors, how did you recover from that? What type of training did you do to get your knee back into shape?

It seems so many want to give you advice on how to get out of your slump. Your a great Cardinal player and I want to see you in that field next year.
Here is a suggestion NOT advice, why not look into the
Marucci Bats, like the ones Albert and Yadier use. I have noticed many great hitters are using Marucci bats. Just pick one that has a different color logo then theres. You never know, it just may be in the bat.

I truly think you should update your blog, your last entry was during the Mets series. I for one would like to know more about you and how you feel during some of these series. Like this one against the Cubs. What you are doing to help get out of your slump..Tell us more about your feeling and your thoughts..

I truly think you should update your blog, your last entry was during the Mets series. I for one would like to know more about you and how you feel during some of these series. Like this one against the Cubs. What you are doing to help get out of your slump..Tell us more about your feeling and your thoughts..

Why The NL WILL Defeat The AL Tuesday Night!

We are missing you at the all star game. Hope to see you in it next year, your faithful fan,


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