Home Sweet Home

There is nothing like coming home. Last week we headed to Florida for our series with the Marlins. My wife and I look forward to this trip every year where we can see our friends, family and visit our favorite restaurant, Mama Mia in Hollywood.

I heard that Florida had been receiving tons of rain before our arrival but luckily the rain stayed away for us so we could get our games in and enjoy the Florida sunshine. My fight with the outfield wall a few weeks back kept me out of the lineup longer than expected and I really wanted to come back and help the team in any way that I could.

It feels great to come home and it doesn’t hurt to have a great series either.  I started to feel more comfortable at the plate and was a single shy of the cycle on Wednesday night in Florida. If I were to pick one hit out of the cycle that I didn’t get, it would be the single.  I finished the series going 8-for-13 with 4 extra-base hits, including a home run.

We are now in Cleveland and it’s my first time playing at Progressive Field. It’s a hitters’ park and I hope to keep the good at-bats flowing.

Till next time…


Wow, this is great to read about one of my favorite player’s life from his own persepctive !!!! Rick, I am a teacher and I love your well -written blog!!! Go Cards!!! By the way, everyone in my family likes your clean-shaven look cause we can see your “snarl” better when you face pitchers!!! LOL

Yes!!! Finally, a Cardinals player blog! Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Good stuff Rick! Looking forward to following your blog.

Brandon in Peoria

Looking forward to hearing about the games and STL Cardinal “life” from your perspective! Ditto: Thanks for taking the time.

Finally, someone who knows grammar and how to type correctly in a blog IS! Sorry about not winning in Cleveland, but facing Verlander, Jackson, and Porcello is going to be tough. Good Luck.

Welcome to MLBlogs!!

Rick, you’re one of my favorites. Been bleeding Cardinal red my whole life and you’ve certainly been a great part of that. Nice to be able to read your thoughts here. Keep up the great work and go get ‘dem Cubs and Brewers and Reds!

congrats rick;your tansition from pitcher to hitter going very nice.glad to see your health is back and doing a nice job for the redbirds i’ve been a cardinals fan since 1966 when i lived in iowa.i live in kc now.see you this weekend!!!oh yeah, i hate cubs as much as anybody!!!!!

Hi Rick! Great first entry! I look forward to following you! I love your story, love your drive, love your game… I’m sure that I will love your blog! See you in LA soon!

Hello and welcome to MLBlogs! I’m looking forward to read more about your thoughts in this blog.

By the way, when will your next post come out? Will it be daily, weekly, or after every series or home or road trip?

Nice to see you in the blogosphere, Rick. And what you’ve been able to pull off, going from pitching to being a full-time outfielder, is nothing short of outstanding. Gotta give you props for that, even if I am a Cubs fan.

Thanks Rick, this is so great! Cards fans are gracious that you took the time. Awesome job and keep them coming!

-Cards fan in Virginia

Hey Rick , glad to see the blog ! glad to see your back. The first Cards game I saw was the one where you ran into the wall ( May 4th, I’m sure you remember ) good Luck !

Thankyou Rick. Cardinal Nation digs everything you’re doin.

I remember when you robbed Adam LaRoche of a first inning home run last season… I still don’t like you very much because of that 🙂


This. Is. Awesome.

Rick thanks for taking the time to do this and offer readers some extra insight into the game. You’ve been one of my favorite players since the Cards drafted you, first because you can throw a wiffleball-curve and second because you can flat out mash. Thank god you’re a Cardinal.

I chased down a ball you hit OUT OF THE STADIUM and into the street in Peoria against the Chiefs while you were playing for the Quad Cities. I had to jump a security barrier and off a loading dock to get to the street to get it…but I got it didn’t I 😉

You signed it after the game, even with my Cubs-fan friends standing there giving you a bunch of crap for it the whole time, so I just wanted to say thanks.

You’re Ricky Baseball, you’re a Ball Player. Keep it up.

-Seth from Peoria

Yes, thanks so much for taking the time to keep us fans up to date with your activities. I, too, have been a huge Cardinal fan since I was a kid in the ’50s and have followed your career, Rick, since the beginning in 2000. (In fact, I bought you and some of the guys a round at the Ritz Carelton in Atlanta in August of 2000:) I remember how personable and naturally friendly you were. You signed my jersey twice (the first one faded). Thanks for being a regular guy and good luck the rest of the way!

hey rick, im not a cardinal fan but im truly amazed how a former pitcher can come back as a position player and make such a splash. and plus being a former pitcher must help you out over in center field, I once saw you throw someone out at third from dead center field. and it mustve taken alot of work to be a good hitter as you are right now. I wish you the best of luck.


I’m one of your biggest fans. When you first came up, I loved watching you pitch. Then when you returned, I loved watching you hit. In Colorado, I learned that I loved watching you play CF and show off your cannon.

I love watching you play ball! You the man.

Your career is simply amazing. I have been a fan since you first came up. Your “rifle” arm is awesome. I wish you the best in everything you do. I am glad you are a Cardinal.

Hi Rick,

I just wanted to say that the story of your career is incredible, with many more good memories sure to come. Thanks for taking the time to connect with us fans – we all wish you the best of luck. Go get ’em, kid.

Happy to hear you are well again. Tell Mr. LaRussa to start batting you cleanup again.
1. Schumaker L
2. Ryan R
3. Pujols R
4. Ankiel L
5. Ludwick R
6. Rasmus L
7. Molina R
8. Wainright R
9. Thurston L

Colby needs to be playing LF and you should be in center.
every pitcher will be shakin in their boots facing that lineup.
You are great. I am so pleased that my kids got to see you play in Cincinnati last year. We are coming again July 5.

Thomas Jones, lifetime Cards fan

Hey Rick,
Just wanted to leave you a note and tell you that I’ve been cheering you on from the start. I’m not sure if you’ll remember this or if it was even true but a couple of years ago I went to a Pittsburgh v. St Louis game. Before the game I went down to where the players were signing autographs and I passed one of the other players a note for you with my number on it. When I got home from the trip, I had a call on my answering machine telling me that you got my note and that the Cardinals wanted to set up a meet and greet kind of thing. Unfortunately, it never happened. But I just wanted to let you know that I’m still cheering for you and I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.


Wanted to say I too, am a die-hard Cards fan living on the West Coast. Your career is an inspiration to all. I have told my youngest boy all about your career and the struggles you went through. Keep up the good work- it totally overshadows the negative that has been brought to light with the steriod abuse.
The Cards team have so much going for them this year! We are looking forward to a strong season. Thanks!

You are awesome… you are a great OF… It sucked when you ran into the wall. Great you have a blog now… Too bad my brother hates the Cardinals and you… sucks for him.

~Some person who likes the Cardinals and Rick Ankiel

Right now I’m not in St Louis, I’m only there during the school year since I’m a college student, so I’m missing out in all the Cards action. I’m looking forward to hearing from you, and Rick, bring back the ‘stache, even though some people say they don’t like it, the STACH is the STACH, good luck on the season!


Rick, I have been a Cardinal’s fan since I was a kid, and have watched you as a pitcher (I’ve got your rookie card) and am truly inspired how you battled and have become a power hitting outfielder. You are a true inspiration, and I hope that you finish your career here with the Cardinals! To me, and I’m sure along with many others that would be only fitting for you to look back after a good, lengthy career and have only worn one jersey. May you, and the rest of the team continue to make us proud. Go Cardinals! One of your biggest fans, Workingman. P.S. let Skip know that he’s doing a heck of a job converting over as our 2nd baseman.

Anks- Nice to see you look comfortable and confident at the dish. Of course the stellar defense is always there. It was really nice to see Kahlil hit that homer and double yesterday. Give him some encouragement for me. I deal with social anxiety disorder as well, and I can attest to the difficulty in dealing with failure. He has a big supporter in me, and I hope he gets right. He’s an exceptional player when he’s on his game. Good luck the rest of the season. And GO CARDS!!!!!!!!

Hey Rick! It’s nice to have a player with a blog! Thanks for doing it! You are a great Cardinal and one of my favorites…along with Yadi and of course, Albert. You are a great outfielder although I prefer to see you play center. You have a ridiculously amazing arm and my favorite plays were against Colorado when you threw out two runners at third on the fly. Now that is playing like a Cardinal. Keep up the good work 🙂

Ahh Rick, please don’t take this wrong, but where has that swing gone? When you first came up you looked like a young Will Clark to me. Now that silky smooth swing has disappeared. What has happened sir?

I am looking at Video and there just seems to be something going on at the bottom of your swing. Sometimes you come through smoothly, but many others you seem to have a problem with rolling your wrists smoothly or something. I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s like the swing kind of hitches at the bottom. It’s not there all the time but it is there quite a bit. Can you see it? Do you use video?

heyy rick i also just wanted 2 say thanks 4 taking time out 2 do this 4 cards fans its really cool of you 2 take time 2 do this but just make sure you keep focused on baseball haha and when will you post your blogs? good luck with games 2 come, once again brooke ;] hehe

You are the heart and soul of the team. I will see you Thursday night at the game. Stop over and I have a tip for you. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us!
Nurse Deb

Hey Rick,
I’ve been a Cardinals fan all of my life (48 years) and I’d like to tell you something (take it or leave it). You don’t need to prove anything to us!!! The fans in Cardinal Country are no doubt with you through the good and bad. It’s apparent in your hustle, your approach and your humbleness that you are a special athlete. I’ve spoken with you before on several occasions and know that you are a GENUINE professional and that you’re “top shelf”. Like I said earlier…take it or leave it…my posting is merely to encourage you to relax and enjoy the gifts GOD has given you. Great things are sure to continue from you my Bro!!!“““““
From a good ‘Ol boy in Southern Illinois.

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